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Access To and Use of Sexual Health Care Services Among Young Canadians With and Without a History of Sexual Coercion

Added Tuesday, May 31, 2016 by Action Alliance

The goal of this 2015 online survey was to determine access to and use of sexual health care services among adolescents and young adults with and without a history of sexual coercion, and to examine whether a history of sexual coercion was a barrier to using sexual health care services.


The study ultimately found that having a history of sexual coercion was not a barrier to the use of health care services among adolescents and young adults. In fact, rates of health care service use were higher among those with a history of sexual coercion than those without such a history.

Community Professionals’ Response to Intimate Partner Violence against Rural Older Women

Added Monday, March 28, 2016 by Action Alliance

The purpose of the study was to examine the awareness and experience of rural community professionals in Virginia dealing with intimate partner violence (IPV) in later life.  The reporting of IPV decreases as a survivor ages, but the problem does not go away.  Unfortunately, incidences of IPV in older adults are often lumped into the broader category of elder abuse.  This means that most community services are focused on alleviating abuse from adult children and caregivers. 

The current article found: (1) many rural community professionals likely to interact with older survivors were not aware of IPV issues when the survivor first presents; (2) social norms and cultural values played a large role in viewing IPV among older survivors; and (3) collaboration across agencies usually occurred because of legal mandates and healthcare emergencies for the older survivors.

Published: 2015 in the Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect

FACTS and STATS- Women of Color Network

Added Thursday, February 05, 2015 by Action Alliance

Current, Comprehensive, and Concise resources intended to heighten awarness of unique issues affecting communities of color. Specific information is provided on African American Women, Asian and Pacific Islander Women, Hispanic/Latino Women, and Native American/Alaskan Indian Women.

Journal: Revolution: Celebrating 30 years of progress

Added Thursday, February 23, 2012 by Action Alliance

A journal for professionals working with victims/survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Volume 5 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Virginia coalition, and includes the following topics: 30 Years of Making History; Reflections From Those Who Have Worked on the Front Lines; Survivors of Sexual & Domestic Violence Share Their Stories; A Brief History of Virginia's First Rape Crisis Center and Domestic Violence Program; Maps Depicting Expansion of Virginia's Domestic Violence Programs and Sexual Assault Crisis Centers; Brief Bios of the "30 Voices for 30 Years" Honorees.

Volume 5; January 2012.

Published by Virginia Sexual & Domestic VIolence Action Alliance.

68 pages

Journal: Revolution: Intersections and Differences Between Working to End Sexual & Domestic Violence

Added Thursday, October 13, 2011 by Action Alliance

The first issue of Virginia's journal for professionals working with victims/survivors of sexual and domestic violence. Volume 1 addresses similarities and differences between movements to end sexual violence and domestic violence. Includes the following articles: Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Agencies--Differences and Similarities; Open and Willing--Creating a New Coalition; Transforming VAASA and VADV; Two Movements, One Path, One Goal.

Volume 1; Winter 2006.

Published by Virginia Sexual & Domestic VIolence Action Alliance.

24 pages