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This website is a clearinghouse of information and resources for professionals working to address and prevent sexual and domestic violence in Virginia. The resources provided here are designed to help your community enhance its response to sexual and domestic violence.  It is also designed to help improve access to services for people affected by sexual and domestic violence.

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  • A Declaration of Our Values

    Fri, October 30, 2020 - 12:00 by Action Alliance
    The year 2020 has become yet another pivotal point in our history when we are loudly called to stand up for what we value. Justice for those whom we work with every day. Justice for ourselves and in service to our collective liberation. At this very moment, we face challenges that seek to halt the conversation and restrict access to education that opens our minds and changes behaviors. Behaviors that usher in better ways of being in community with each other. When these challenges come from the highest position in the land, the presidency, it reminds us that power wielded without concern for those most impacted is akin to the same power and control that we see so frequently in our day-to-day work as advocates for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence.