Tuesday, April 14, 2015 by Action Alliance

Action Alliance Launches #ideserve Campaign to Reach African-American Survivors of Abuse

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA-- The Action Alliance launches a new campaign this week to encourage survivors of abuse to contact the statewide Virginia Family Violence & Sexual Assault Hotline for help.

The “#ideserve Campaign” emphasizes essential elements of healthy relationships, and features young women proclaiming that they deserve the following essential elements in their relationships: support, respect, safety, and being heard. The campaign encourages people who are experiencing violence in their lives to call the statewide Hotline.

The new campaign is designed to reach an audience of young, African-American women, a community at risk for being targets of intimate partner-associated violence in Virginia. In Virginia, African-Americans are at higher risk than members of other racial or ethnic groups for being killed in a family or intimate partner homicide event.1

The Action Alliance begins testing #ideserve campaign strategies this week in Metro Richmond. Campaign strategies include: distributing packages of posters, pens, magnets, stickers and other marketing materials to targeted groups in Richmond (e.g. churches, clubs, community centers, and college campuses), placing exterior and interior ads on Richmond public transportation, and gathering data to determine effective social media strategies.

Trained professionals on the statewide Virginia Family Violence and Sexual Assault Hotline offer confidential support, information, and resources to survivors, friends, family, and helping professionals.The Hotline may be contacted by phone, chat or text.
  Call: (800) 838-8238 24 hours/day
  Chat: Monday-Friday 4pm-8pm
  Text: (804) 793-9999 Monday-Friday 4pm-8pm

1 Virginia Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. (2014). Family and intimate partner homicide: A descriptive analysis of the characteristics and circumstances surrounding family and intimate partner homicide in Virginia,2013. Richmond, VA: Virginia Department of Health. Retrieved 4/13/15 from

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