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Added Wednesday, March 06, 2019 by Action Alliance

2019 General Assembly Session Update - Resources for you!

The 2019 General Assembly Session officially ended on February 24th and we wanted to share a few session updates/resources:

  • An Advocate’s Guide to the 2019 General Assembly Session: This is a run down on the notable bills passed that most impact our field and the work of our movement partners. We’ve organized the information in alphabetical order by subject/topic (i.e. so if you’re interested in seeing what happened with environmental justice or custody and visitation issues, you can scroll on down to those).
  • 2019 General Assembly Report: Action Alliance Legislative Update: This is a detailed update on the priority bills that we either supported, opposed, or worked behind the scenes and/or with partners. This tells you which passed, which were defeated, provides status on pending Governor’s action, etc. It’s for the true policy nerds (or perhaps to reference as you read through the far more digestible Advocate’s Guide blog post).

Also, later this Spring, be on the lookout for a YouTube run-down of the new laws for advocates to expect on July 1 and how they might impact survivors/our work.


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