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Creating Partnerships with Faith Communities to End Sexual Violence

The idea for the development of this manual grew out of a series of interfaith dialogue sessions in the Seattle area that the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs convened in collaboration with the Faith Trust Institute, formerly the Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence. The dialogues focused on naming sexual violence from a faith perspective, community accountability and the role of the faith community in prevention. The reflections included in this resource are from women representing several different faith communities who participated in the dialogue series.

The theoretical basis of this publication is community-based rape crisis advocacy and the task of sexual assault prevention through community development and social change. & Through a recent community assessment process, WCSAP also learned that many people go to faith communities and religious leaders in times of crisis and need, especially within some communities that have been marginalized by mainstream society. & This publication also recognizes the interconnection between ethnic and racial communities that have been historically marginalized and faith communities.


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