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Added Friday, May 21, 2021 by Action Alliance

Investing in Prevention

The Action Alliance and Virginia's General Assembly are committed to ensuring the expansion of funding for primary prevention of sexual and intimate partner violence to confront and uproot the direct causes of violence. This year, we were successful in establishing $750k in new funding for primary prevention with the hopes of broadening and strengthening prevention work beyond federal funding streams.

On May 18th, the Action Alliance hosted a session on Investing in Prevention via the Directors’ Forum to discuss more about the essential components of primary prevention, how primary prevention complements and connects with intervention services, what the CDC means when it uses terms like “community-level strategies” and “layered approaches”, and more! One of the things we love most about primary prevention work is its hopefulness, inventiveness, and adaptability. If you aren’t already inspired by the world of primary prevention, check out the recording and resources from the forum!

View the May 18th Directors’ Forum Zoom recording (and download the slide deck below)
Access the Jamboard for the “Speedy Town” activity (which includes tips on identifying “downstream” and “upstream” approaches)
“Prevention Toybox” from the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence - a fantastic resource from which we borrowed the Speedy Town activity (with permission)!


  • Slides - May 18, 2021 Directors Forum on Prevention Download

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