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Nonprofits and Lobbying: General Information

as originally publised on VAWnet:

While nonprofit organizations need to be aware of restrictions on the amount of “lobbying” in which their organization can engage, many activities that can help educate policymakers and influence policy development are not considered “lobbying” and therefore are not subject to those limitations.

Many activities that can help educate policy makers are not considered to be “lobbying” under the IRS rules. In its guidance, the IRS notes that nonprofit organizations may conduct educational meetings, prepare and distribute educational materials, or otherwise discuss public policy issues in an educational manner that is not focused on influencing specific legislation.

Included on this page are explanations of federal guidelines and IRS tools used to measure nonprofit organizations’ lobbying activities, advice for complying with limitations on nonprofits’ ability to lobby, as well as specific information and resources for domestic and sexual violence agencies

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