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Added Tuesday, September 09, 2014 by Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Now Available: 2013 Family and Intimate Partner Homicide Report

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner announces the release of the 2013 Annual Report on Family and Intimate Partner Homicide: A descriptive analysis of the characteristics and circumstances surrounding family and intimate partner homicide in Virginia.

This report contains an overview of 2013 data from the Family and Intimate Partner (FIP) Homicide Surveillance Project.  Highlighted findings include:

• 36% of all homicides in 2013 in Virginia were attributed to Family and Intimate Partner Violence (FIPV).  While the overall number of homicides has decreased since 2009, the proportion of deaths attributed to FIPV remains stable at one in three or higher.
• Firearms were used in 57% of FIP Homicides, a 21% increase from 2012.
• Despite the majority of FIP Homicide victims being white and female, the highest death rate was among blacks (2.9), with black males dying at a higher rate than any other group (3.1).
• The highest number of FIP Homicides occurred in the Eastern Health Planning Region (39); Richmond City had the highest number of deaths (10) for any one locality.

We invite your review of the full report, which is available at:


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