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Added Monday, June 17, 2024 by Action Alliance

Red Flag Campaign Relaunch Webinar

The Red Flag Campaign is an awareness campaign that educates college students about sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking by highlighting the warning signs, or “red flags,” that students may see in a friend’s relationship.

Through using a bystander intervention strategy, the campaign encourages friends and other campus community members to “say something” when they see red flags for dating violence such as emotional abuse, jealousy, isolation, victim blaming, coercion, stalking, microaggressions, and sexual assault.

Launched in Virginia in 2007, the Red Flag Campaign has since spread across the country to over 400 college campuses, military bases and academies, and community-based advocacy agencies in 48 states and Canada. It was created in partnership with college students, college personnel, and community victim advocates, and funded by grants from the Verizon Foundation, Verizon Wireless, Macy’s Foundation, and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

The campaign includes a digital guide for implementation, miniature red flags for raising awareness in highly visible campus locations, and printed posters featuring active bystander responses to red flag statements. In 2022, Action Alliance staff began a process to create two new series of posters and revise the digital Campus Planning Guide to reflect current student experiences. This webinar shares the history of the campaign as well as the revision process and all of the new materials the campaign has to offer.

Click here to access the recorded session on these updates.


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