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Volunteer Training Curriculum: Session 6 Handouts and Materials

The Volunteer Training Curriculum for Virginia’sSexual and Domestic Violence Agenciess provides 32 hours of activities designed to meet training standards for volunteers.  The curriculum includes everything needed to conduct the trainings – a timed outline with learning objectives, handouts, and materials for activities.

Session 6 is 7 hours and includes an exploration on the intersections of oppression, including specifically, assets and barriers to the provision of services in immigrant and refugee communities.


  • Agenda-Session 6 Download
  • Immigration Power & Control Wheel - handout Download
  • Immigration Options for Victims of Crime - handout Download
  • Immigration Scenarios - handout Download
  • Power & Control Tactics Used Against Immigrant Women - handout Download
  • Visas for Undocumented Victims - handout Download
  • Advocacy Scenarios - material Download
  • Effect of Racism on Domestic Violence - material Download
  • History of the Idea of Race - material Download
  • Immigration Scenarios, Trainer Key - material Download
  • Immigration Scenarios for Participants - material Download
  • Racism and Rape - material Download
  • White Privilege - material Download
  • White Privilege, Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack - supplementary reading Download
  • White Privilege/White Complicity: Connecting “Benefiting From” to “Contributing To” - supplementary reading Download

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